Текст песни Smokie - Scream You Guitar

I worshiped you
treasured you
Drove my soul inside of you
Dreamed a dream for me and you
It's turned into a nightmare
And like a drug
I can't break loose
I've died a million times for you
And like a leech you suck from me
the hope, the strength left in me
My sanity still clings to me
I've bared my soul for all to see
sold my very history
A song to please the nation
I turn my frown to dancing clown
sing my songs, turn on the charm
To earn some love, to keep me warm
My guitar plays for you
So scream you guitar
Scream for my pain
Cry for your share of this fortune and fame
Scream you guitar
Scream for the shame
You cannot escape your share of the blame
Yet still I find this need in me
to prove myself to all who see
that I am what I dreamed I'd be
and I will live forever
at center stage I'll take my place
Emotion drawn upon my face
My guitar slung around my waist
I'm here to play for you
So scream you guitar...

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